~it's Ramadhan~

salam everyone..
first of all, sory 4 not updating my blog for soooo looong...
first,due to health problem for most of the time and even now im still coughing...i realized i could only drink mineral water but hurm...u know me rite..
in consequence, im not doing well in my studies especially in class, sometimes dizziness in replace with sleepiness hit me that distracted my attention. abundance of assignments that need to be completed and so forth which successfully ruined my Ramadhan. to be frank, im not satisfied with the way i treated my Ramadhan.i missed most of my sahur as i went to bed at almost 4a.m every day...and i failed to lighten the nights...yup...im blaming on my assignment!!!

enough for that...
hurm..i would like to share a video that i got from a friend of mine.my first time watching this video was during a talk given by Ust. Latif last sem.the organizer had prepared the video and Ust. Latif was also impressed by the video.

...pemergian insan yang tercinta...

crying for so many times..:(
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