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Saiful Bukhari's wedding
sweet colour for sweet couple

Another friend of mine married young. i supposed he was my first primary school friend who hd stepped into another phase of life.
For me, married = responsibilty..not only responsibility but responsibilities....do u know why?
Previously, u are servant of Allah, a child of ur parents, a son of ur father and mother, a student of an institution.
 now, u hd walked one step forward to another phase of life called 'marriage life'. however, u are forever Allah's vicegerent, a child of ur parents, a son. Besides, other responsibilities came into this stage of life. u already an employee of an organisation or ur employer, u r a husband of ur wifey, and a father of ur children later on....all these require RESPONSIBILITY..

as any couple will tell u, marriage requires commitments and sacrifices from both partners.

some of my primary school friends who attended his wedding reception
it can also be considered as reunion

i couldnt make myself available for his big day. it'd been almost 10 years we'd never met each other. i could still remember we were once on phone talking about our current progress as well as our studies. at that time, u just completed ur diploma in pharmacy and planning whether to go for working or further ur study.
and now u already married.
 time flies too fast for me to catch
saiful, do u know that some of our friends are still wondering how come i can still get through u...it's just for a simple reason. i once bumped into ur father and our respective father know one another.
it's your father who asked me to do so.

...Happy Wedding...be a good hubby..may Allah bless u...:)

lovenote: the best range of age to get married is 16-25....:)
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