~a thin mambrane that separates the water~

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hurm....sory for making my blog private for 1 day...i planned to do so for weekss actually due to only a single, particular reason but i failed because of my overcraving for pouring and sharing knowledge or info with u all...

yesterday, we had CALL class with Mr. Sharizal...he mentioned about a marine scientist who found a mambrane that separating the water under the sea. Some of my friends showed their blurred look to me. i told them briefly about this mambrane thingy as i've read one of my lil sis' friend's blog regarding this issue.  let us have further reading in order to have better understanding bout it....

he has let free the two bodies of flowing water, meeting together (19) between them is a barrier which they do not transgress (20) then, which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny? (21) out of them come corals and the pearls (22) (Ar-Rahman 19-22)
well, i did found this one discovery a few months back. it's about a marine scientist who made footages under the sea. an incident happened. whilst on the making of a clip, he found a magnificent view. in the middle of the deep,blue ocean, right at the bed of the sea, he saw something like a small oasis in the middle of a dessert. a flowing stream of water with plants IN the sea.ON the seabed! and he saw something resembling a geyser. and in between the geyser and the sea water, he could see something like a thin membrane parting the two types of water.

what happened next?he was flabbergasted. scared not to mention. until the day he found the view, he have never seen anything like that. not even during his years of studies in becoming a marine scientist. when he was on the ground back again, his curiosity grows in every second. just like a cat. but this time, he was not killed. (you know, the proverb curiosity kills a cat).

so, due to the growing curiosity, he went for an intense research. he moved from universities to universities finding for answer. he would like to see evidence that this thing did exist. because he was afraid the whole view was just something created out of the tension he feels underwater. but, to no avail. noone had the answer. until he found a muslim professor.

the muslim professor showed him the extract of surah ar-rahman 19-22. he was shocked. he couldnt believe it, all awhile, he has been searching hard an answer for a question which Allah has already answered thousand years ago. his hijab was opened. and he accepted the faith of Islam.

here's something you might inquire. you see, i have been hearing talks saying that the 55:19-22 were referring to the parting of sea water and river. yes, sanctuaries. but there's a hint showing that 55:19-22 didn't refer to sanctuaries. take 55:22 as an evidence. up until today, u can never find lulu'an wal marjan in any sanctuaries in the world.

so, the view the marine scientist found fit the picture told by Allah in ar-Rahman. a barrier = the thin membrane. separate = two different types of water in the same place but they dont mix. corals and the pearls = bed of sea where humans always find different kind of minerals there.
Allahuakhbar eyh? yerp, He is the Almighty.


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