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salam readers!!!
yesterday, i went for an outing but surprisingly, i didnt shop and go for movie which i used to do before...people said, shop!!shop!!shop!! until you drop but in my case, i eat, eat, and eat until i die only then i couldnt eat anymore...nope...im not dead yet but i could barely walk as i was loaded with food...i had to force myself eating as much as possible as i'd paid for it....i even loosed my belt so that i could eat more but i failed...now i realized and admitted another fact of myself that my tummy is sooo comeyl...:)
and i know for a fact that he did the cooking more if compared to me but it's still fair for he ate more than i did.

we need to practise, practise and practise so that our ABC looks more tempting next time

fruitss and veggiesss won out my heart the most
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