~Bubur Sum-sum~

salam and hye all!!

jom main masak-masak bersama cik ida...yup still 'cik' tak lame je lagi bertukar status kepada 'puan'...tunggu je k...alamak kantoi!!!...eh takla tipu je...maklumlah hormon gatal menyerang time2 cuti ni....kalu kat umah selalu pikir nak kawen je bile kat hostel pikir nak study je (ceh)...eh tipu lagi...huhu..

macam dah lame tak post pasal masak-masak kan...since mum's still not very well plus sis is still away, i have to cook for my family..but for this time round, i would like to share a recipe which is Creamy Rice Porridge with Palm Sugar...also known as Bubur Sum-Sum. Penah dengar ke? actually, it's one of my fav food...senang je nak tau my fav...anything that tastes sweet would be my fav..:)..Bubur sum-sum ni SANGAT senang nak buat....

let's try...


a cup of rice flour
3 cups of coconut milk
1 cup of palm sugar syrup or (air + gula melaka )
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 pandan leaves (tied in knot)

this serves 4 i supposed...if you would like to prepare for more than 4 ppl, add rice flour and coconut milk with 1:3 ratio...let say if you want to add another cup of rice flour, so you need to add another 3 cups of coconut milk...so 2 cups of rice flour and 6 cups of coconut milk.

first, mix the rice flour and coconut milk. Stir it well with a wooden spoon until all the mixture has been incorporated. If you would like a creamier texture, add more coconut milk.

next, put it on the stove, stir it over medium flame. put the pandan leaves and salt. Lower the heat and stir it until the mixture forms a solid mass.

spoon the porridge into a bowl and pour the palm syrup over the top

it looks like taufufa right?
 but the taste is slightly different.

do try it out!!!
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