~Allah is the best planner~

salam and hello everyone...

MATRIK- asasi sains hayat (KMJ)
UPU- asasi sains hayat (UM)
MARA- asasi pergigian (UITM)
FELDA HOLDING - bioteknologi  (fly)
BPG - cikgu kimia (fly)

hmm...everyone has conflicts in themselves. Life is so full of choices that will determine one's life, one's happiness. There are times when we find it's  hard to make a choice. But whatever choice we make, we have to look at the brighter side. It might not be the best choice, but it is something that we have to decide, nevertheless. People might think that the choice you made is not good for you but you know yourself better right?..the choice is yours...pray  to Allah coz HE is the best planner....and remember you are destined for that by Him.

good luck future dentist!!!
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  1. ieda_life Says:

    my adik la...dh msuk da pun..hehe