~routine as a future teacher~

salam n hye all...

just to share my daily routine sepanjang ROS (Rancangan Orientasi Sekolah)...it's been almost 2 weeks i've been through the school observation but i didnt have the chance to blog bout it...

6.00/6.15a.m : wake up
7.00 a.m: depart to school which is my former elementary school Sek. Keb. Batu Berendam, Melaka.
7.15 a.m: reach school's office, sign the attendance sheet and heading to morning assembly..
7.45a.m- 1.30 p.m: collect info/relief classessss/ staying in the library (reading newspaper/drafting journal/chit chatting with my ROS-mate fara/ chit chatting with my former teachersss)
1.30/1.40 p.m: already home...rest for a while,taking bath, pray, do laundry...
3.30p.m: watching television/ go online/fallen asleep in front of the tv or laptop (tired)
4.30p.m: asar prayer, cook dinner for my families...preparing tea for parents n waiting for their homecoming...
6.00p.m: angkat kain di jemurann...
7.00p.m: taking bath, maghrib prayer..
8.00p.m: news time n lipat kain kalu x lipat ptg...
9.00p.m: isya' prayer, watching television/ drafting/ writing journal/ online/ iron baju if x iron during weekend/preparing for not-really-a-lesson-plan if ade relief class the next day
11.30/12.00p.m: already off to bed....

and the cycle goes....

and i know i've been training myself to be a real teacher who are married...
currently, im serving my parents and families but later on when i got married to somebody, i'll serve him...so, maybe this is the only chance that i cn grab to serve them well before i changed my status...:)

5 Responses
  1. Ieda... ni Kak Mayah Cohort 4.
    La... buat ROS kat SK Bt Berendam ka. Kak Mayah dok area tu ja. Ada anak lecturer maktab gi sekolah tu, haha. Buat dgn Farah eh? Kem salam kat dia :)

  2. ieda_life Says:

    oic knal2...bru tau kak mayah nye blog through lin's blog..hehe..yup kat sekolah btu berendam..ank lecturer mne skolah situ?..SKBB my former elementrty school actlly..k.maya duk mne?..yup ngn fara...ok2 t i kim slm kt die k..:)

  3. Haha, akak blog cincai2 je.
    Jumpa blog awk pun through izma's kot. Cuti2 ni boring, so byk baca blog.
    Dok Kg. Bt. Berendam. Ada budak drjh 6, nama Izzatul smtg.
    Best x praktikum? Dpt byk hadiah? haha

  4. ieda_life Says:

    owh dekat je la...yup smela..blogng pun suke2 je..hehe..bukn praktikum la k.mayah ROS..hehe...ok la...ade la gak dpt adiah tp xdela bnyk..gpun bukn sllu pun relief class so studnets x knal sngt la..skang akak buat ape je?

  5. Eh sori, silap taip. Kepala dok fikir pasal praktikum maklumla baru habis, haha.

    Akak dah habis praktikum, skg tgh tgu posting. Smbil tu keje la part-time sikit2, cari duit.

    Akak byk kena relief class time ROS dulu. Time oraktikum pun byk. Dia tgok skolah la cmne, & admin cmne. Msa ROS xla byk sgt hadiah tp time praktikum msa dh habis boleh tahan byk gakla :)