~teachers are born, not made?~

salam and hye everyone....

im back!!! sorry for the loooonnggg silent. i'd been busy lately....previously, i longed for enough sleep, eat, rest and so forth. now, i already got my own biological clock; enough sleep, eat and rest. thanx God...:)

i'm currently in my final year working on lotsss of lesson planning and microteaching all the while explains my silent. Being as the one who prepared, presented as well as observed my friends' microteaching, a lot of new knowledge was gained, new teaching styles and techniques were acquired which prepare me for my practicum next year and teaching years for the upcoming 30 years.

"teachers are born, not made?" or teachers are made, not born?"......from my personal view, i opted for the first one. this is because, i think teachers should have natural ability to teach...all people can teach but what make the difference between them is that the one who can teach effectively and able to engage with the pupils during teaching and learning process. I think the skills necessary for teaching are that of what you are born with and not all people are natural teachers. people who are born to be teachers will deliver her or his instruction and lesson well compared to people who are made to be teachers. and for some who are really into kids, they will also be naturally engaged with them thus they can be a good teacher.

in class, i could see only some of my friends are born to be teachers as they naturally acted in front of the class in delivering their lesson. Since all of my classmates are going to teach in primary school, our lecturer would prefer us to act accordingly. or in simple words, act childishly. the action and the body gestures are very important while teaching the children. don't be shy. reflecting upon myself, maybe im shy in front of my friends while conducting my microteaching but i hope that i won't be the same in front of my future pupils. InsyaAllah. pray for me...

im not passionate about teaching but i try to realize that i already towards the end of my journey...
im not a born teacher, im a 'made' one....:(
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    dont be afraid..u will be fine my dear..

  2. ieda_life Says:

    do pray 4 me..thnx dear.:)