salam and hye all!!

People are busy looking for their rented houses since last year...i should be grateful for studying in my hometown so i needn't have to think of the rented houses or homestay. i can just travel to and fro from home to school (SK. Sg. Petai) during my practicum. don't say that i cant be independent when im staying with my family....i just grab the opportunity to feel like others...i went to some of my friends' rented houses last week, helped them to move things into their 'new' houses, do some cleanings, and also involved in the process of renting the house. like i was the one who are going to rent the house...being a malaccan, nothing much i can do for each and everyone of you, friends...sorry..:(
like the issue of car park...i couldn't afford to offer and allow each of you to park your car in front of my house as my house is not a bungalow that has a large parking lot which you can freely park your car at any corner you wish to.

when i started to grumble about going back to hostel every Sunday, he always reminded me about
being grateful...at least i could be home every weekend.

i realized i should have a deep gratitude towards Allah for granting  me such nikmat. alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah...
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