~hopes for the future~

salam n hye all...

i should be writing my practicum journal right now but i ended up writing my journal here....i have journal unwritten for two weeks...yes for two weeks..am i lazy?...maybe...
we frequently heard people would have to go all out during their practicum... but it's not for me, i could say im not really really all out due to some reasons. first is because of health condition. i easily got fatigue and dizziness..therefore im not really forcing myself to burn the midnight oil, staying up late till 4 or 5 in the morning. i rarely do. thus, i didnt have teaching aids which could give a 'wow' look to people, lesson plan neither.

second, even though i've made great preparation for teaching the lesson, still, i couldnt perform it well by the time i saw my lecturer sitting at the back of the classroom, staring at me teaching in front of the class, feeling like a captain is scrutinizing every single part of a soldier's body. as a result, i missed some steps while teaching my lesson, even the lecturer could feel my 'nervousness' as she told me that she could hear my voice trembled and saw my fingers started to shake. although i've memorised each step well, i couldnt carry out the lesson well due to this stage fright symptom...:(

so, i hate observation!! i just follow the flow....what i've been thinking all this while is just to end my 6 years study just soon...graduated, have a career, save a lot of money, make my parents happy, buy my second asset and get MARRIED! or maybe get married first then buy my second asset....:)

pray for me k..:)

btw, congratz to my close friend during my school years..Nor Hidayah bte Hamzah for getting excellence. she's now teaching in SK Assunta.

dayah, betulla orang cakap pelajar MRSM Jasin campak kat mana2 still bersinar even though just a mere teacher compared to our classmates yang mostly future engneer, doctor, scientist, chemist etc etc.

and one of our schoolmates Azrai, also best student in his college. 
proud to be your schoolmate and classmate!
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