~ Nothing is Impossible ~

salam n hye all...

life isn't as great as in Peninsular. and people know that. i miss Semenanjung damn much.i'm looking forward to spend time with my beloved growing family. yup our big family gonna be 9 members just soon specifically this upcoming June.InsyaAllah. yup the number's goin to be added up years by years. i can't wait for it to turn 10 haha....and that 10th person will be mine....huhu..please please please pray for me...:)

for these upcoming weeks, i'll be as busy as bee since my school's going to have Sports Day and examination. when it comes to exam, it's not only the pupils who are busy with studies but the teachers are busy too in order to prepare the questions papers and not to mention the answers as well. haha

and today is the first day of him having his 2nd degree class...i mean a formal class...i'm proud of him coz he still hs the heart to further his study unlike me who's still enjoying my career and not planning to further. oh maybe he's already working for almost 3 years and now he missed studying meanwhile me who's still new in my career field. and i know, people keep asking you the so called question "how come u r now working simultaneously studying and goin' to get married?" hurm...i believe you can give them your best answer: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

nway, i told him that everything started with intention. if you have good intention in doing something, Allah will grant you good result. it's like when you grow good seeds then you will get good fruits. so, when people asked me or him, i would say that it doesn't make any difference as long as i'm still here in Sarawak, who's always thinking of how to get transferred, it's OK. and the most important thing don't do something because of following others and just wanted to be on par with others without having a good plan and guidance. i'm not sure whether all of you understand of what i'm now babbling about. specifically, when people getting married, u just wanted to be like them, when people further their study, and u just blindly followed them without having good reasons, intentions, plan and what not.
ok enough story bout him further his study, not me! haha.

what else, ok my school has been flooded recently. and i'm okay. already getting used of such situation even though i never been experiencing flood before in Semenanjung. just pray to Allah that 'Bujang Senang' creatures are not going to visit me and the teachers in school.
here r some pictures....

that's all for now.actually a lot of story to be shared especially  my Miri-Brunei trip and the story telling competition which was held last week.

till then...assalamualaikum...:)

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