~lingering memories~


maybe it's too early for me to take my first step there after 2 years...it's like a no-no to me..the minute I arrived there, trail of BAD memories came across my mind...i didnt know why they should be the BAD ones..instead of the goods..this maybe the result of the torturous and dictatorship ruling that i'd been going through 2 years ago...reminiscing memories of how i barely searching for food especially at night due to limited cafeterias as well as its short operation hours, of how my long sleeve t-shirt was taken by the warden, was worn on my way home merely bcoz of there's no maktab's logo printed on that shirt. on the same day, my friend's cloth, syaza's punjabi also being taken by her..what's more, several scarfs@tudung being stolen by erm...makcik cleaner...*sigh*

While waiting for my sis, Mr OA passed by me...i just greeted him a sheepish smile...then, about an hour later,again.. he's walking in front of me thus i greeted him another smile and salam...my sis was just done with her INSAK test...another 3hours to go till she settled everything;group and individual interview....all d best dear!!

while waiting, i grabbed the opportunity to send umi's wedding cards to Rosella, my junior a.k.a my former rumates and dr Anisah...a group of the juniors bumped into me but i could remember none of their names...my bad..:(
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