~am i ready for it?~

salam ramadhan...

hurm...everyone's looking forward to friday....especially friends who are married rang her words to my ears telling that they cant wait for this Raya holiday....first time raya with the husband and in-laws, and i know the first wont be the same as the other..i mean the first day, month and year celebrating raya with new family will be remembered and need to be cherished more...

but it doesn't apply to me. as for me who are the unmarried one, i long for weekends and holidays specially for spending my precious time with the loved ones that is, the families, 6 of them. if im already married, i'll spend most of my time with the husband and start to distance myself from the families as i got more and more responsibilities....to be frank, im not ready for it.

to put it as an analogy, it's better to have RM6 rather than RM1 right?...i hope you got what i mean.
despite myself, i realized i need to leave the house and stay with the husband someday. unless, i'll drag him to stay with my parents which i never ever planned to.

throughout my 23 years, i haven't tried so hard to be the best daughter to my parents, sister to a younger bro and a younger sis, younger sister to an elder bro and sis.

i need more time with my families and this also explains why im not married yet.

2 Responses
  1. nadia yaya Says:

    nice post dear...whatever it is...we're heading to the next phase of life..:)

  2. ieda_life Says:

    yup certainly...we r all grown-up now...
    thanx 4 readng btw...:p