~a thought during Ramadhan~

salam ramadhan...

been quiet for so long, this is my second entry during Ramadhan and sadly today is already 20th Ramadhan....
i broke my promise to myself...in my previous entry, i once sort of making a vow to myself that i should write at least once a week but i failed to realise it..it's not because of the cuppies order or the tudung saji thingy, but the endless workloads that haunt my student's life.i know that's normal but can it not be during Ramadhan..plz, plz, i always beg for a month holiday during Ramadhan. i realized this Ramadhan is not the best Ramadhan i've ever had...the previous Ramadhan was way better i guess...what worry me is if this Ramadhan is the last Ramadhan for me. Nauzubillah. God, plz extend the time, grant me long life as well as good fortune.  so that i can perform better next time.InsyaALLAH.

on the 17th Ramadhan, i got the chance to go to Ramadhan bazaar with him...and that was our first time went out together during the month of Ramadhan. on our way back to my college, we were passing by some big double-storey terrace houses and i started to tell him ''kan best ada rumah camtu"....
"kalau kita dah ade rumah, kita kne tgk rumah yang buruk2 je,kalau kita ade kereta bandingkan diri kita dengan orang yang ade motor je, kalau kita ade motor, bandingkan diri kita dengan orang yang jalan kaki, kalau kita jalan kaki, bandingkan diri kita dengan orang yang xde kaki", he responded.

i kept myself silent for minutes as i was actually reflecting....what a good thought.
i realized i rarely being grateful of what i already have. i always long for more and more. i utter the kalimah "Alhamdulillah" during zikr after performing my solah everyday but i failed to really mean it. thats the worst part i guess.

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