~ Chinese New Year trip, short vacay ~


hye all!!! 

it'd been a while since my last post. almost 4 months i've been silent but it doesn't mean that i didn't sneak a peek at this blog. 
i'm doing good here in Sarawak, make good friends and can adapt with the surrounding. maybe this upcoming November adalah musim hujan dan sekarang pun almost everyday hujan. so we should have prepared for the flood to happen....i could still remember pengalaman meredah banjir di sini. dekat semenanjung x pernah pun experience banjir kat sini mmg kena face semua ni. but i always have this in mind: 

“ Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan apa yang terdaya olehnya, ia mendapat pahala kebajikan yang diusahakannya dan ia juga menanggung dosa kejahatan yang dilakukannya…"  
                                                                                                                                                               ( Al-Baqarah: 286) 

yup..mmg banyak pun kejahatan dan dosa-dosa yang sy dah lakukan. sobs sobs...

the purpose of viewing this blog and writing this is to share with u my short vacay experience during last Chinese New Year break in 2012. yup, it'd been a while but still i wanna blog this. one of the reason is because of the school holiday is just around the corner, and i've planned my vacay well i supposed. Hopefully, everything goes exactly like what i've already planned. ticket pun dh beli...malas nak tukar date or cancel.  
So, while patiently waiting for the school holiday, let's cherish the memory, the moments, the pictures that i've captured during the short gateway. 

How to start? huh?  dah lama tak berblogging terasa lambat jari jemari ini menari di papan kekunci ini. papan kekunci? biarlah org nak cakap "knape tak guna blogaway? or blog on the go just using your phone?"
i would say, i prefer typing using my laptop. 

okay, let's continue with my story. i'd been to Brunei during Chinese New Year holiday last year. i went there with my 2 colleagues yang kedua-duanya ustazah. 
on our way to Brunei, kami singgah sebentar di Miri untuk bermalam selama 2 hari. we checked in for 2 nights there. we didn't stay at any hotel, we just spent the 2 days at Tropical Inn. 

actually we faced a lot of problem in order to go there since it was an abrupt plan. problem dealing with the passport as some of us need to take new picture after being rejected by the immigration officer. gambar pasport background warna biru tak boleh cerah or gelap sangat. tudung kne pakai bagi nampak dahi luas la apa la blaaa blaa blaa..

on the first day in Miri, we stayed at the Tropical Inn purposely just to spend my time since it was my first time went to Miri. I googled all interesting places in Miri and tried my best to reached all. but unfortunately, we managed to go to several places namely 

Miri Crocodile Farm & Mini Zoo

you need to pay RM5 for taking pictures with this animal

our next destination was

Taman Awam Miri

Taman awam Miri ada jambatan gantung yang panjang. tu je kot yg ada kat sini.
tapi, baru-baru ni ada turun Miri and i pergi lagi untuk kali kedua. kali ni pergi ramai dengan colleagues so dapatlah amek pic waktu siang plak. 

we had our lunch at Restoran Muara, Miri. 
The price's affordable and i had Lalapan keli. i'd been to the restaurant twice since they have opened their new branch. i had nasi kambing penyet at their new restaurant. 

Then, on the second day, we moved to Brunei. our first destination was 

Masjid Jame 'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah

next, we went to 
Masjid Omar Ali Saifuddin

after taking some pictures, we went to
Kg. Ayer

there are 11 schools here and this is one of the schools, Kg. Ayer

SHELL atas air. minyak murah if compared to kat darat
0.47 sen kat darat 0.57sen

kapal karam mcm kisah si tanggang

then, our next destination was
Istana Nurul Iman

istana ni xleh masuk so amek pic kat pintu pagar je

then, we went to 
Muzium Alat Kebesaran Diraja

usongan diraja

at night, we went to pasar malam

and Waterfront BSB

and Prime Minister Office

owh lupa nak bgtau we stayed for 1 night at Times Hotel, Brunei.
that's all.....:)

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