~it's not a go0d start~

salam and hye all...
today is my frst paper and im not doing very well...due to time constraint, i didnt get chance to check my writing, not even once... plus, there r info or things in mind but i couldnt express and pour them into my answer paper..
it's all about time management...i feel bad..:(

the questions covered 100 marks...dats y there were lots of them...
it's not a good start i supposed...
4 Responses
  1. hanis Says:

    me too.hopefully our CAM will help us.huhu...

  2. ieda_life Says:

    btw, i tried to comment ur latest post but there's prob..

  3. hanis Says:

    its ok.klu u komen nti i malu plk.hehe

  4. ieda_life Says:

    npe nk malu plk...pelik cik hani ni...hehe..bukn ko mnunggu aku komen ke?huhu