~time flies too fast for me to catch~

salam everyone..

i was weekending at somewhere special which was Limpahan Kasih Orphanage as i had a programme there.but it was just for one day which was Saturday.
we organized some activities for the orphans there and one of the most unforgettable experiences was cleaning the orphanage areas.

next was group discussion. each group was assigned to perform a short drama or sketsa on different folk tales. my group got Peteri Beradu. during the discussion, i realized one of my group members' tears streaming down her cheek as she was eyeing on some of the orphans.i could feel the same way as she did during my first orphanage visit months ago. thus, for yesterday, i resisted myself from staring or eying on them for so long as i was afraid of the same thing would happen to me.

my group members

fatullah & hazim
we love u that's why we were there

we arrived at UIA at about 8.oopm. longed for enough rest b4 attending group discussion at 10.00pm. i went to bed earlier for an hour sleep but was awaken by calls and messages from ppl asking and reminding me bout assgnments which totally spoiled my mood. i couldn't get even a nap within that time and ended up hurrying to group discussion.

i long for a break and am always looking forward to it
i need at least a minute to breathe
i miss strolling around with families and friends
i dream of going out with my beloved ones....
time flies too fast for me to catch
im still here, freezing...:(
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  1. ieda_life Says:

    owh u kne compete ngn ramai org k..good luck!!!huhu..