~love wedding~

salam everyone...:)
hurm....berblogging di multiply.com is just meant for assgnment as i'll be given marks at d end of d day....but blogging di blogspot tidak mndapat ape2..just a hobby during my leisure time...and i enjoy doing it...:)
and one more thing..i'm not craving for more marks eventhough i feel that sometimes i deserve it due to some reasons...feel free to visit my multiply.com blog...

"don't strive for As, what's the purpose of getting 3.9 as all of u will be a teacher. my students who got excellent result in their studies ended up being a mere teacher but those who were not doing very well in their schooling, now being a principal, GPK and so forth" (Dr.Z, 2010)

yup, that's right but it's just for our own satisfaction....

and i do love blogging for the same reason as well...for my own satisfaction...
i love wedding thus most of my posts are about people's wedding...d same goes to this post...so, enjoy~

 cousin's wedding

the dais

 all in all, i love both red and green modern style baju itu ek..but my mum once told me that she wanted to see me wearing songket during my big day nanti....huh...but lme lg la i nk kwen..hehe..

owh sudah lame fmily2 kami x bwat majlis mcm ni ek...smue nak tunggu anak2 mak sy kwen dulu...huhu.
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