~life as we knew it~

don't make me cry anymore coz im in d mood of studying...
i'll put aside everything and try to realize all my dreams...
i know i've lots of responsibilities and commitments...
i've kept promises thus i shouldn't break them....
i still have healthy mind that is able to differentiate the bad and the wrong...

and the most salient point i intended to stress here is that no one can replace loves of my families that are flourished since the first till last breath of mine...i can guarantee....

pray for my success in both worldly and heavenly life...:)
4 Responses
  1. h u d a Says:

    i'll pray for you <3

    p/s: u should watch the 'life as we know it' movie..very meaningful.

  2. ieda_life Says:

    thanx k.huda...:)
    i thought 'life as we know it' ade buku je as i have one but ade movie gak ye....i shud watch it then~

  3. clumsy Says:

    no crying2 allowed~! tettt..!!! hehehe

    miss ida,
    s M i L e~~~

    like this ^_^ !

  4. ieda_life Says:

    me crying?...or u?hehe..