~facts of myself~

salam readers..

Can you believe that...
  • im only 47.5kg.....i miss my ideal weight...i've tried to eat a lot but...:(
  • im the shortest among the siblings but never mind, mum save me....thanx mum!!
  • my happy feeling reaches its peak only when im home...
  • i hve a brother, a sister, a younger brother, a younger sister, a dad, and a mum...complete!!alhamdulillah...
  • one of my schoolmates confessed that he had a crush on me and only revealed it after 10 years which was last week...but nvr mind, im already taken so is he...:)
  • i ws checking my notes while having tea last evening and my dad prompting me by saying "ida ade exam lg ke?"....dad, dont orient myself to exam only...:)
  • i'd betrayed my own promises as i sweetened my body with lots of mix fruits choc...they look very tempting  that i couldnt refrain myself from eating little...forgive myself!!
2 Responses
  1. pinkysplash9 Says:

    eh lupa nk cakap. blog da makin cantik. hehe

  2. ieda_life Says:

    terima kasih...:)
    dh bosan xtau nk watpe frst week hri tu kn so cntekkn blogla..hehe..