~malacca duck tour~

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let's quack with me around malacca historical city!!!!

There's a yellow kiosk of this Malaccan tour which stands beside Menara Taming Sari opposite Dataran Pahlawan.
This is an amphibious transport truck, developed by the United Stated during WWII, is definitely the most entertaining way to explore Melaka.

Although its Donald Duck-esque mascot is a little cheesy, this more or less one-hour journey will take you to visit all of Malacca’s historic sites in one go.

The tour guide is particularly entertaining as she doles out little details about Malacca’s attractions in a booming TV-show-announcer tone of voice.

an amphibian
as all in one land and sea tour!
first land-and-sea

- Operation Hours : 9am- 6pm
- Duration : 45-60 mins
- Tour subject to change due to weather condition without prior notice.
- The meeting point is at Pahlawan Taming Sari tower, there’s a duck tour kiosk

the fee

the route

The route would cover sites of interest such as Porta de Santiago (A' Famosa), Sultanate Palace, Independence Memorial Museum, Mahkota Parade and Pulau Melaka.

The Duck Tour will enter the Straits of Melaka from Floating Mosque (Masjid Selat) towards the Great Island (Pulau Besar)before entering back Banda Hilir at Melaka River.

let's read the history of the ducks


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you can even book your ticket here

so, let's quack your way around malacca!

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