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with mum
muke sdih xpat bersanding...

the chairs should be 6 of them but tu la ida..spe suh x abis study g...huhu...org yg amek diploma n degree next year dh abis...sy x abis2 g...sy abis sme je ngn org yg dh abis degree and master skali...sngt lmbt...hey..hey..ingat jd cikgu senang?

sometimes, i ngadu kat mum, mum would soothe me by saying that "ala u kua trus ade job...job's waitig for u...so don't worry" ...ok..npe nk ngdu kt mum?coz mum chose the course as well as the profession thus she'd responsible for it...hehe..

i could still remember when i was in my foundation year of studying, lecturers sllu tnye kat kami, y did we choose this profession?...mse tu sy gelabah xtau nk jwb ape...ble smpi my turn i pun tiru jwpn org sebelah..i jwb "i love teaching and i love children"..jwpn common..mse tu lecturer and all my coursemates kne tipu except for my close friends as they knew my hard time, my difficulty in excepting the reality that i was meant to be a teacher....but after that, bile lecturer tnye spe yg chose the teaching profession due to parent's choice....i was among the first person raising hand n klu bole mse tu nak angkat kaki skali...huhu..

but, i wasn't alone...i turned my head and i saw a number of hands up, indicating that they were in the same boat as mine.

truly, what brought myself eventually chose teaching profession was due to strongly holding this belief: keredhaan Allah terletak pada keredhaan and restu ibu bapa...that's y i just followed the flow, fulfilling my parents' wish...they know what's best for me...

your love towards something that u previously dislike can be developed gradually.
 believe me..:)

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