~adorable guest~

salam aidiladha everyone..

my adorable guest for this eid adha...
dear, thnx 4 bringing her along yesterday..at last dpt jumpe gak ecah ni...

i talked to her more than i did to u yesterday
i entertained her more
i treated her more
i already missed her
i love her..
but dont u worry...
i love u more....

lovenote: thnx for d ole2 from cmeron especially the dried roselle and strawberrieess....love jeruk..u know me well...a life without jeruk is no life at all...:)
to sis and bro, cpat2 la kwen....i nk gak ank buah at least one...:)
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    i x wury pn..haha..x ksah pn u lyn ecah lbey..bout the jeruk..ckit2 je bole tau..lbey2 xleh..haha

  2. ieda_life Says:

    coz u already knw i luv u more kn..huhu..
    jeruk??..xbole xpe..i bole bli sndiri...hhehe...eh2 xla...