~a night walk~


last nite, my bro and sis asked me for a night walk..i refused to join them at first as i ws not in d mood of outing...my mum supposed that i ws in no mood coz of i didnt have money...she started to look for her purse, scrutinizing it for a minute and came out with an amount...i refused to take the money (ank yg baik), responded her by saying that it's not financial matters..no mood at all...but eventually, i changed my mind...

we turned up at new-fresh look-Mahkota Parade...we just had a walk in 2 to 3 stores...they had actually planned for a karaoke...i told bro that i needed popcorn to entertain me while they were singing...still, i ws in no mood....so he bought it plus a milktea-honeydew-pearl drink for me...i put all in my large bag and acted innocently at the counter and managed to get in... relieved..hehe..

there, i ate and drank without stop, be in my own world, neglecting others...the room's ambience plus the songs by rock bands made me in no no mood still....suddenly my bro tuned up to romantics songs which i ws familiar with... i asked him to hand me one of the mics and started to duet with him....

then, i was d one who chose the next, next songs and i sang more compared to sis as she's not really into karaoke....the most was surely the bro as he paid for everythng..huhu..

next, on our way home, he drove me to hve a visit at malacca monorail station...

operation hour:
Monday - Sunday

the monorail station is just next to the river cruise

p/s: bro, i knw dats one of ur ways nk pjuk i psal hri tu kn..huhu..
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