~waiting is a bore~

date:14 November
venue: mahallah maryam

it's already 4.15p.m...i texted my sister purposely hinting that she should fetch me up by now...she replied by saying that she's looking for a new brand hp for dad, accompanied by bro...its already 4 and i ws still in my room alone...most of my coursmtes were already happily home....

in the morning, thnx to bros, udin n along as being so symphathetic to me as they skyped and webcamed me to relieve my boredom at least..i could see my sis was busy doing chores with mum at home....and thnx again to bros coz asking me for bowling....i enjoyed evry minute of it as i felt like it's like a real one for i could talk and at the same time shout to your ears, celebrating my strike as well as spare..hehe..

and i spent the whole day for translating too....i enjoyed doing it if it's less than 1000 words instead of 5186 words as i needed to rush in order to submit to her on Monday....thus, i searched for a translation website that could ease my work..thnx Citcat Website which hd lessened my burden...

personally,after experienced using it i supposed it's not really a good website as it doesn't really provide good translation ...it uses direct translation from Malay and maybe due to flowery language of Malay lang. but at least, i needn't have to type every single sentence or word, i just need to alter here and there instead of typing the whole paragraph..plus, to check whether it provides the apt words and meaning of the sentences that i intended to convey as well as the grammatical structures..if u wish to use this website translation, try not to take or copy paste everything..check them first...:)
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    u try gne google translate k..hehe..

  2. ieda_life Says:

    hehe..dh try da...thnx dear..:)