~valuable experience with the Sidek's and Roslin~

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i love badminton...dlu ptg2 slalu main badminton ngn parents and siblings kat depan umah...caya x?klu x caya, just ask my neighbours k.nadia and k.arina...tu pun klu dorg nmpk la...huhu..

even though Lee Chong Wei kalah, i tetap sokong die...Lin Dan mmg more experienced and skilled if compared to him....

Lin Dan mmg hebat...

tapi, ingt Chong Wei je pnah jd anak murid Haji Mohmed Misbun Dato' Haji Sidek? i pun pnah tau...x caye?

he's the coach leader

this was during my 5th years of elementary (standard 5)..i represented Malacca for this Klinik Badminton Kebangsaan....there were only three of us, two gurls and a boy for Malacca which all were also my schoolmates....we were chosen not because of we were good at playing badminton, but i couldnt remember well why we became the Malacca representative...
this Klinik Badminton was held at Kompleks Belia dan Sukan Negeri Johor..there, we mixed and mingled around with students from other states and to my surprise, only two of us were wearing tudung...yerla org sport sllu x pki tudung kn...hehe...but we were proud of being us...:)

Misbun was the coach leader with the help of other trainers namely Rashid Sidek, Jailani Sidek and Roslin Hashim...during the closing ceremony, Dato' Haji Sidek and his wife did came along too.
 and dpt gak jumpe Wak yg dalam crite kartun Anak-anak Sidek...suara je mcm org tua untuk menghidupkan watak Wak dalam crite tu but he's still young ok...so dont judge a person by just listening to his voice...:)

after attending the Badminton Clinic, i buka Clinic sendiri...eh x..i buka klinik badminton untuk my families je...dengan ilmu yg sy dpt, sy ajar dorg ckit2 la....cnthnye..cmne nak smash tajam mcm Lin Dan..hehe..
based on my observation, Lee Chong Wei nye smash xsetajam Lin Dan....and dats one of the factors that brought him to lose....but nvr mind, that can absolutely be improved ....:)
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