~the power of facebook, myspace and twitter~

salam n hello readers...

are u familiar with this article?
 for those who hve read Utusan Malaysia dated 24Nov 2010 would do
according to Akademi Pengacara Perkahwinan Amerika (AAML), 66% of the divorce cases are contributed from facebook, 15% from myspace, and 5% from twitter.

above newspaper article is not new to me as my mum do always keeps reminding me and siblings about that all this while...even though she doesnt have any fb account but she knows how fb works, what fb can and can't do, on how it has the power of influence that can make people addicted to it and such...how could she knw these? sometimes, she's just next to me while i ws facebooking, thus she silently observed my activity on fb...sometimes, she shocked me by prompting that "bdk2 skang ni, hal umh tngga smue nk crite kat org, ini smue boleh bwat cerai berai" as she came across one of the status posted by one of my friends...of course, the post was not a good one, talking bad about her husband...i agree with the fact that women are tend to be emotional...things become worsen as we, women seemd to tell everybody on the internet the problem we faced, purposely to be commented and for some, asking for a solution...

according to pendakwah bebas,pensyarah UIA, Zaharudin Ahmad in above article,he proposed that they should actually seek or consult people who have the authority to do so namely the parents, in-laws or siblings...
frankly, as a girl or woman, i believed that most of us love to share our personal life to others, the percentage is bigger if compared to man...we could rarely see men posted status about their conflict with their spouses or girlfriends right?..i knw there r such but just a few...im not trying to back up the opposite sex but it's a reality that is inevitable.

and whats more, divorces are also due to abdication of resposibilities towards their partner as they are really into and addicted to fb as well as jealousy for they spend more time chit chatting with their ex-gf or bf or future second wife or husband if compared to their spouses.

we, siblings, always be reminded bout our attitude once we r online...mum is always being a mum who concerns about everything....im not even once telling or having monologue to myself that mum is being busy body about my activity coz i knw mum has instinct and she knws whats the best for her children....even in this world of blogging, my mum knws that i love blogging and she knws what im blogging about...of course, she's not going to read each and every posts in my blog but generally..sometimes, i shouted to her ears that "mum, u are on the blog!!!!" she showed her blurred look and then i clarified by showing her pics in my blog...i would share almost evrything (not everything okay!) bout my personal life with mum for i told u before, mum is such a good friend or good company of mine...and i believed mum for my secrets are always safe with her.

*i bet not only my mum concerned about this, i once tgk one of my friends nye fb photo albums of her and her bf, and ade comment by her sibling i supposed on some of the pics, "kak, mama kate pic mcm ni xyah ltak dalam fb"....see...i cn prove it to u...

*my younger bro also read the article and he told me "kak ida nnti dh kwen xbole main fb dah"....sy xbwat ape2 salah pun..huhu..

*jgn sampai fb diharamkn mcm rokok as it gives bad impact and brings harm to others. it can be made possible okay!!
2 Responses
  1. FieQa AfiQah Says:

    it's very very true..org skrg cpat melatah. ade probs je trus drop kt status..gaduh skit,slh fhm skit, trus post status..it's not the right way..

    sometimes,i think yg dh kwin tu,ptut kongsi 1 fb je..snang. xde nk jeles2 and people knw dorg dh kwin so others will rspect them.

  2. ieda_life Says:

    yup..zman skang mcm2...dh ade technlgy advncment prob cmni plak ade..
    i agree ngn idea share 1 fb..klu nk ade their own fb bole but pndi2 la kn..
    thnx 4 d thought anywy..:)